Video Handmade faience

At Vajillas de Ultramar our pieces are unique and unrepeatable. With totally handmade processes from start to finish, we get pieces of a delicacy and at the same time resistance.
Pieces made by hand, you will not find one like another. With small imperfections that make them more special and exclusive.
Let yourself be seduced by a modern and at the same time sophisticated faience.
Click on the photo and you will see the creation process of our products ...

Video french porcelaine

At Vajillas de Ultramar we make a very careful selection of the pieces we want to paint; from Limoges porcelain to a delicate, yet very resistant china we manufacture in our workshop piece by piece.

Each of our dinnerware sets tells a story and every story has its design. Following artisanal techniques and procedures, we customize the designs according to the taste of each customer to provide unique and exclusive pieces.

All the pieces are crafted one by one, each time paying the most meticulous care. From the choice of dishes to the baking process, we give each stage of our a clear artistic imprint.